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Get Ahead of Biden’s Pending Tax Increases Restructure Your Estate & Tax Strategy

To guide wealthy investors through the maze of upcoming tax changes, Fischer Stralem Advisors and tax advisors BDO co-hosted a webinar, offering solutions to help mitigate the Biden administration’s tax increases and reduced exemptions.

5 Experienced Professionals Share Tax Strategies

Leading the discussion are Fischer Stralem’s Managing Partners Alan Fischer, David Choe and Andrea Baumann Lustig. They’re joined by BDO’s Marty Cass, managing director of private client services and Jack Nuckolls, private client services national tax office leader.

Topics Discussed:

  • Income, Estate & Capital Gains Tax Changes
  • Stock Market Impact From Biden’s Proposal
  • Tax Planning Opportunities to Offset Increases (Some are time sensitive.)

Protect Your Estate and Learn Tax Maneuvers that Help Offset Biden’s Tax Increases

To learn more about how Biden’s tax proposal impacts your financial plan, reach out to your wealth management advisor. If you need to be connected with an advisor, please contact Fischer Stralem Advisors. We’ll gladly answer your questions.

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