Our Philosophy

We believe that the most effective way to build long-term wealth is through participating in advancing markets while remaining vigilant about preserving capital during market declines.

Growing and Guarding Wealth

When it comes to building and sustaining wealth, the impact of preserving capital in falling markets can far outstrip the importance of outperforming in rising ones. Through a rigorous focus on participating in market advances with an eye towards preserving capital during declines, this approach seeks to help investors grow and guard their wealth over time. We build wealth management plans which reflect and seek investment managers who recognize the wisdom that a single-minded focus on outperforming the market while ignoring capital preservation can lead investors to take on unnecessary risk that may ultimately cost them in the long run.

Goals Based Wealth Management

Growing and guarding wealth means helping you stay focused on your goals rather than getting caught up in Wall Street fads. Our holistic approach tests the impact of different asset allocations, spending/savings plans, retirement horizons, charitable giving and legacy scenarios on the probability of achieving your goals. Building sustainable wealth while preserving capital is embedded into every layer from wealth planning to manager selection and consultation with your accountants and attorneys in order to make the process as coordinated and seamless as possible for you.

Investment Platform

We work with investment managers who pass our rigorous selection process. We offer a hybrid platform of proprietary and third party public and private investments. Manager selection is based on evaluating investment discipline, style, performance, risk, fee structures and the tenure of the investment team. We seek to understand whether there is a definable investment process, whether the portfolio managers who were responsible for the track record are still in place, and whether they are invested in the product themselves. Our access to investment managers is robust and research-driven. As fiduciaries, we want to make sure we’d be comfortable investing alongside you in any product we might recommend.

Proprietary US Equity Management

Our proprietary US Large Cap Equity Strategy (LCES) offers a portfolio with a singular structure that combines high quality, large cap S&P 500 companies with strong growth prospects alongside those with capital preservation characteristics. An investor does not need to continuously seek to outperform the market to build wealth as long as the portfolio is adequately protected during declines. While tempting, a singular focus on outperforming the market can lead investors to take on unnecessary risk that may ultimately cost them in the long run. Our participation with protection approach seeks to reduce volatility providing the opportunity to grow and guard wealth.